E-commerce Direction & Design

Direction, UX/UI Design, Photography & Management

Thrasher Magazine's E-commerce Platform

Coming to Thrasher was an opportunity to create something completely from scratch.

I designed an entirely custom E-commerce site with full creative direction and custom UI/UX with the assistance of an in-house coder.

I currently direct, art direct, photograph, merchandise, manage and run data analysis on the site.

Reporting Directly to company owner & President of Thrasher Magazine.

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Thrasher Magazine

Translating to Wholesale B2B

Thrasher Magazine has been operating sales through excel files since 1981, until now. Once the outfacing e-commerce platform site was up & running I copied it and created a custom version dedicated to becoming our new US & International wholesale B2B platform. Thrasher' Magazine is a private company and wholesale revenue is undisclosed.

UX/UI Design

Directing & designing an all new UX/UI experience

• Landing pages

• Site navigation

• Product Listing and Display pages

• Digital Look books

• Copy writing all product descriptions

Data Analytics

Gathering all e-commerce sales data and translating into weekly ecomm reports that go directly to company owner. Analytics entail

• Weekly, monthly, quarterly & annual sales.

• W.O.W., M.O.M., Q.O.Q. & Y.O.Y.

• Product sales by Margin & quantity.


Managing e-commerce back-end by ensuring proper product implementation and merchandising throughout entire site including all banners, pages, navigation, desktop & mobile UX/UI, etc.


Running our in-house photo studio, owning full creative direction and shooting all studio and e-commerce apparel imagery used for all outfacing and wholesale apparel marketing & sales. Shooting supplementary lifestyle & action photography on-location.

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Thrasher Magazine


Before arriving at thrasher the site was a single page PLP with no E-commerce department.

Digital Design / Creative Marketing Graphic Design

RVCA's e-commerce

As Creative Marketing Graphic Designer (Previously Digital Designer) I was designing landing pages, web banners, digital look books, PLP's & PDP's for years.

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Digital Design

Telling stories through our e-commerce

Landing Pages

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