Collaborative Pitches

Conceptualizing collaborations & Partnerships

Working directly with company founders to design pitch deck presentations that effectively communicate the brand's values, creative guidelines, conceptual products and vision for a foreseen collaboration or partnership.

Out of respect for future campaigns, these decks are not available for viewing.

Thrasher x Nike


Thrasher x Polaroid


Thrasher x The Simpsons

The Simpsons

Thrasher Death Match | Presented by Converse

We wanted to throw a party at Papi & Harriett's, a historical western saloon off highway 10 on your way to Palm Springs from L.A.

It was going to be the next installment of Thrasher's 'Deathmatch' event, a live concert featuring bands curated by us and a custom built ramp in the middle of the desert.

But who was going to pay for it...?

We pitched it to Converse & they were down to front the bill.

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Thrasher x Argentine Football Association x Adidas

Argentine Football Association

Thrasher x Ben Davis

Ben Davis


Creating a partnership with Slowtide towels, a premium towel brand local to my Newport Beach, CA. With their elevated design and production abilities, Slowtide has since become Thrasher Magazine's towel manufacturer. (Initial designs launch in 2024.)