Art Direction

Reporting Directly to company owner & President of Thrasher Magazine.

Artist Sourcing

Sourcing artists to commission for graphics and showcase within our seasonal apparel collections; giving us stories to tell and artists a platform to show their work. Discussing allocated budget for artworks and marketing collateral. Working at RVCA for 6+ years has brought collaboration with endless talented artists that I will continue to work with indefinitely. Some of which whom have been working on Thrasher artworks are Stephen “ESPO” Powers, Martin Under, Kevin “Spanky” Long and more…

Content Creation / Photography Direction

Working with photogs and cinema to create compelling marketing collateral showcasing our seasonal apparel collections. Incorporating elevated story-telling to drive conversion. Providing art direction briefs to clearly explain the desired deliverables to our staff. Deciding what imagery gets used for omni-channel apparel campaigns. Foster progressive thought and always push creative boundaries.

Directing photographers & cinematographers to create marketing collateral.

Directing elevated campaign photoshoots for key RVCA collections.

Hi-Grade Collection

Iridescent Collection

T-Shirt Graphics

Projection photoshoot campaigning T-shirt graphics for RVCA showcasing the Artist Network Program.